Marine Sand Supply

Marine Sand Supplier


Ramacon Corporation Sdn Bhd is the holder of sand concession license by the Federal Government of Malaysia located at offshore of Kuala Langat, Selangor since 2009. We are the authorized marine sand supplier for reclamation projects around Malaysia. Most of our clients use the marine sand for their reclamation works at ports, power plants, mangroves reclamation, industrial area development, housing development and roadworks. Our concession area consists of 90% sand, 9% gravel and 1% silt. We hold 15 million cubic meter of marine sand and currently supplying to projects and buyers around Selangor.

Our sand stockpile is located nearby Pulau Carey, Kuala Langat, Selangor. For enquiry, please email your request at or contact us at 03-5191 9353.

Marine Work

Dredging & Reclamation Works


Dredging works helps removes sand, clay or rock from the seabed and these materials can be used to reclaim new land elsewhere. Trailing suction hopper dredgers and cutter suction dredgers are the most typical equipment used for dredging and reclamation projects. The purpose of dredging and reclamation includes the dredging of port channel, extension of ports, infrastructure preparation of offshore underwater pipelines, beach nourishment, creation of new land and many more. One of the most significant undertakings is the creation of famous Palm Islands artificial archipelago in Dubai. This project made possible by the use of dredging vessels.

We have been involved in numerous dredging and reclamation projects inside and outside of Malaysia since 2002 including Bintulu Port, Sarawak; Tanjung Pelepas Port II, Johor; Tanjung Bin Power Plant, Johor; Jimah Power Plant, Negeri Sembilan; Vilufushi Island, Maldives; Sabah Oil & Gas Terminal (SOGT), Sabah; Kimanis Power Plant, Sabah among others. These multi-billion dollar projects have allowed us to work alongside the world’s renowned dredging contractors such as Van Oord, Jan De Nul, DEME and Boskalis. The experience working with the international contractors has expand our knowledge and know-how in dredging and reclamation work thus allow us to compete technically and commercially in dredging and reclamation industry in Malaysia.

Currently we are working strategically with a Chinese dredging contractor, CHEC Construction (M) Sdn Bhd and Australian dredging contractor, Hall Contracting Sdn Bhd for dredging and reclamation projects around Malaysia.

Coastal Protection


Coastal protection relates to revetment, breakwater, groin, seawall and geotube installation at beaches and coastal area to protect banks or cliff in such a way as to absorb the energy of incoming water. Study has shown that a critical area will lose 1m to 2m a year due to erosion from the waves and strong monsoon weather. Over the years, an unprotected coastal area will lose as much as 100m to the sea erosion. Coastal protection works is an engineering structure that helps to protect the beaches by reducing the intensity of wave’s action thus reduce the coastal erosion.

We have been involved in coastal protection works in Bintulu Port, Sarawak; Tanjung Pelepas Port II, Johor; and Kuala Terengganu River, Terengganu.

Beach Nourishment


Beach nourishment is the process of dumping or pumping imported sand onto an eroding shoreline to create new beach. It is also normally functioned to widen the existing beach or to rebuild the beach for recreational users. Over time, beaches around the world will be eroded by the energy from the waves thus reducing its shoreline. Erosion is a natural response to storm activity. Area where are widely affected by Monsoon or open sea usually will face few meters of beach erosion every year. Beach nourishment usually includes other coastal protection works such as seawall, revetment, breakwater, and groin. Once completed, it allows visitors to enjoy the beaches once again. Many advantages of beach nourishment includes restoration and widening of the recreational beach, protection to structures or buildings behind the beach, and it does not leave hazards on the beach due to Monsoon or storms in the future.

Jetty & Wharf


Jetty is marine structure used to connect the land and the vessel. Jetty can vary from a small wooden jetty that is used for fisherman to a long concrete jetty used to transfer coal at power plant stations. Wharf or quay is also a marine structure on shore of a harbor or on the bank of a river where vessels may dock to load and unload its cargo and passengers. Wharf is commonly built at container ports. Usually a big vessel would require a big wharf with a deep draught in order to unload its cargo.

Currently we are involved in the construction of 220m Jetty at Bum-Bum Island, Semporna, Sabah for the Government of Malaysia.

Hydrographic Survey


Hydrographic Survey is the eye of marine engineering. It’s a method that allows marine contractors to “look” into the ocean and see what the sea floor looks like. Government offices usually conduct hydrographic surveys to measure the depth and bottom configuration of water bodies. The data will be used to update nautical charts and develop hydrographic models for coast mapping purposes. For marine contractor, hydrographic survey determines the location of the project and allows dredging vessel to work with a great precision.

Soil Investigation Work


Soil investigation is one of the crucial site preparation works for any construction project. It is performed to obtain information on the physical properties of soil and rock around a site to design earthworks and foundations for proposed structures and for repair of distress to earthworks and structures caused by subsurface conditions. Soil investigation results will determine the scope of work needed. It will also determine the type of structure design suitable for construction purposes.

Commercial Diving


Commercial diving is the vein of marine engineering. You don’t always see it but you’ll need it. Commercial divers work in dangerous circumstances and require the proper training and certification. Most common area for commercial divers is oil and gas sector. Commercial divers also work on operations around lakes, harbours, rivers, and dams. At Ramacon, we provide diver services for oil and gas sector as well as for construction purposes. Our divers will be able to weld underwater, cutting of underwater piles, lay geotextile, and many more. With more than 20 years of experience, we believe that our divers will deliver the best results to our clients.

Civil Work

Housing Development


Housing is one of the basic necessities for us as human beings. It is essential to meet basic needs, such as shelter, but it is not just a question of four walls and a roof. Housing should offer a place to sleep and rest while people feel safe and have privacy and personal space, somewhere they can raise a family. All of these elements help make a house a home. The number of rooms in a dwelling, divided by the number of persons living there, indicates whether residents are living in crowded conditions. Overcrowded housing may have a negative impact on physical and mental health, relations with others, and children’s development.

At Ramacon, we satisfy our client’s request and imagination of their dream home. We build according to their requirements and satisfactions.

Building & Factory Construction


Building & Factory construction are the most important factors for developing countries. Building construction creates space for office work, shopping centers, residential and many more while factory manufacture products to be used in many industries. More people are able to reside in a smaller area due to the construction of buildings. Manufacturing processes are made possible. While most projects vary in its sizes, all construction projects have some elements in common – design, cost, and location. Ramacon Corporation provides professional engineering services as the building construction contractor. As a G7 contractor, we are capable of constructing big projects to cater to our client’s requirements.



Infrastructures are the basic needs of human being and society. It can be generally defined as the set of interconnected structural elements that provide framework supporting an entire structure of development. It is also marketing points for most governments to promote their countries in tourism and investments. At Ramacon, we provide engineering services to construct the infrastructures such as roads, bridges, sewerage system, flood mitigation works, and many more. We believe in providing the best solution to our clients at the best possible cost.



Site preparation is one of the most important works of construction projects. The soil and unformed rock defines the strength of the base. It is very important to manage and prepare the earth professionally in order to prevent from future calamities such as flood, landslide, etc. Our heavy machinery equipments are capable to move the earth and made the soil improvement as needed. We are ever ready to support any earthworks and site preparation works of any projects.